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I’ve been a professional Health Consultant for over 25 years.

My love for healing stemmed from a young age and i'm always learning and gaining knowledge to help more people.

I believe in maintaining a positive mindset, creating relationships and always striving for positive outcomes. 

I am a Podiatrist, Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Teacher, Healer, Life Coach,  Advance NAET Practitioner and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) expert.

My specialities include Holistic Pain Management of the Mind Body and Spirit, Transforming lives by effectively combining Alternative Therapies and highly advanced Mind-Set Tools.

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At Stanmore Health Essentials, I recognise that people are becoming more aware of the benefits of the mind body spirit approach to wellbeing, not just looking at the physical but also the emotional, mental and spiritual effects on the body.  


I provide consultancy, advice and management on most foot related conditions, which can cause pain when walking.  I also offer tailor made, effective treatments and therapy to address the root causes and not just the effects of the problem.

Pursuing a holistic approach in promoting general wellbeing through foot-health management, education and safe professional practices is a priority to me. This is achieved through the integration of Reflexology, Podiatry, Healing and Coaching. My skills, knowledge and advice have transported many people to healthier, more comfortable lives.

I make time for my clients, I listen and am  here to enable them to improve their health. Together we work for the best possible outcome.

Shilpa treated me for RSI with fantastic results. I contacted Shilpa for help after I suffered chronic RSI due to poor posture whilst working on a computer. After 2 sessions my RSI had been eased
greatly. I found Shilpa to be extremely professional in her approach and helpful with hint to keep my condition at bay


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Mission : To really listen to the client and provide exceptional inner insights into the root causes of their health issues.

Vision: To make a difference in the world by promoting greater health and well being. I help people to reach their goals to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, by providing transformation and healing in alignment with their soul