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Medical Pedicure

Medical Pedicure.

As a trained chiropodist/podiatrist and qualified reflexologist, I can combine the best of modern medicine with my abilities as a healer and offer non-intrusive alternatives for Medical Pedicures.

There are many toxins and pollutants in the air that we breathe. Our skin is the biggest lung or breathing apparatus and the pores of the skin absorb whatever is in the environment around us.

​As our feet are closest to the ground, they pick up everything that is on the ground, like pollution, toxins, bacteria and all manners of unhealthy energies which are absorbed by the soles of the feet.

This in turn causes muscle and structural issues which then cause us pain in the feet.

Using energy healing to clear out the toxic waste/energy from your feet allows the muscles to relax and movement to return thus reducing pain.


With the integration of podiatry, reflexology and reiki healing I have all the tools necessary to shift that negative energy from your feet creating an environment for them to heal.


What is the difference between a Medical Pedicure and a Salon Pedicure?

In contrast to a regular pedicure, our Medical Pedicure uses specialised tools that have been sterilised in between treatments to 134 degrees.


The tools used in a salon pedicure will be sterilised in a bright blue barricade solution or similar product.

However, podiatrists will use an autoclave sterilisation chamber to clean their blades and drill immediately after use for superior hygiene.

Also, because a Medical Pedicure is performed on dry feet there is no risk of infection arising from a shared footbath.


Hygiene or sanitation standards cannot always be guaranteed in popular nail salons that have a higher turnover of customers. Therefore, standards tend to decrease and the likelihood of fungal infections, cross-contamination and ingrowing nails (due to poor cutting) increases.

Medical pedicures have long-lasting results – moisturise every night and you will enjoy healthy and gorgeous feet for up to 6-8 weeks

Medical Pedicure Treatment at Stanmore Health Essentails, based in Stanmore

Session Length - 60 Minutes

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