Package Deals

Well Heeled Program- 8 Weeks

Have you got:

Pain at the bottom of the heel or at the bottom mid-foot area

A burning sensation, tight Achillies & Calf muscles

Heel pain that's usually worse in the morning as you take your first steps out of bed

Pain upon rising from sitting or lying down position

I have designed a unique program that helps you to alleviate this heel pain. I have many years of experience in Podiatry, Meridian Reflexology and Intuitive Holistic Energy Healing Modalities, all of which will be combined to help you be free of this pain. This program has already helped hundreds of people with heel pain and will help you!

Medical Pedicure

As a qualified podiatrist and qualified reflexologist, I am able to combine the best of modern medicine with my abilities as a healer and offer non-intrusive alternatives for Medical Pedicure.​​

What happens during a Medical Pedicure

After the safe removal of any corns, calluses, hard and dry skin we follow with a routine pedicure where toenails are shaped, buffed and cut. This is followed by a cuticle treatment, deep exfoliation and mini-massage with foot cream application.

This treatment leaves your feet looking and feeling healthy, attractive and revitalised. The procedure is performed on a dry foot to ensure exceptionally long-lasting results and uses a range of professional foot products to suit the client’s skin type.

Hypno Gastric Band Coaching

The hypnotic gastric band utilises the power of your unconscious mind so that your subconscious mind believes that you have had a gastric band fitted. During our sessions, I will work with you on Addiction to certain foods/drink, Motivation, Focus on  Exercise and Emotional Eating. This treatment offers a change in your relationship with food; Meal plans; exercise plans; Food Diary; Treatment review and Email support.

If dieting has not worked for you and you are willing to try something different, try gastric band hypnosis which has proven effective in helping in weight loss.​ The results are life-changing.​  Achieve success if you are committed to losing weight, creating positive long term habits.

Wellness Programme- 12 Weeks

This is a relaxed Online Programme to help build up your energy, mental and emotional clarity. 

You'll receive weekly action steps to complete as well as support throughout the whole process. 

The Programme includes:

Weight Management


Energy and Mental Clarity

Emotional Balance

Stress Management

Mindset for Success


This Programme also coincides well with the Zen Programme.

Zen Programme- 10 weeks


This is a stress-free Online Program which delves into the source of your stress and provides helpful techniques to use to help reduce or relieve your stress tension.

You'll receive weekly email action steps to complete as well as support throughout the whole process. 

The Program includes:

Reducing Negative Thinking

Setting Boundaries

Resentment & Forgiveness





Self-Care/ Reflexology tips



Maintenance Programme- 12 Months

This is a 1-2-1 Programme where you can receive 1-hour monthly maintenance treatments. 12 treatment sessions of a combination of the following treatments can be booked or 12 treatment sessions of one of the following treatments can be booked. The flexibility is created to suit your needs.

If you book this Programme in advance you receive 1 free treatment. Choosing from either:

Reflexology or Reiki or Emotional Freedom Technique (E.F.T)

Booking this programme not only ensures that the treatments are made available and tailored to your needs, a bonus treatment session means that you can experience a variety of therapies that can meet your needs using a different technique.

For further information and guidance, feel free to contact me!