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Updated: Nov 17, 2021

Dream state messages

Shiva/ Me /Mina my sister in spirit


We were visiting. Other family members were there but couldn't see their faces.

It was a mansion with a gravel drive.

Inside we sitting on the floor as the room is crowded.

Everywhere there is something on the floor and when the people of the house, pick the things, they are alive.

Small kids climb up and sit on bookshelves, they fight, and it's the norm.

The final straw for me is when they let out a snake...

It is orange and cream.

For some reason, it heads straight for me.

I go out the front door.

I hear the crunch of the gravel on the ground.

It follows me out chasing me... No one comes to help me.

I stop put my hands up palms facing out and I say "Stop" that is enough...

The snake bows its head and goes somewhere.

I go back inside and there is a pile of snake skins on the floor that seems to be moving.

I gather my family to leave I check both my shoes to make sure there's nothing in them.

I wake up.

Another snake dream

My young daughter is at nursery.

We are waiting to pick her up.

It’s her turn to be picked up. She is squatting down with her back to me.

Picks something up and there is the orange and cream snakeskin. Which means it is not too far away???

She puts something around her neck...

There is another lady who gets up turns back to look at me and I knew she was there, but I didn't want to see her, so I duck.

That's when I heard a voice say "Move around. Change the energy... Wake up."

Meditation messages


10 10 portal meditation

Shiva and goddesses Durga and Parvati come into my meditation with messages for me.


Whilst praying I have a sense of a blue figure standing to my right.

My meditation today, Shiva is there.

The Shiva lingam is placed in my throat and the milk and water that has been poured over the lingam are poured into my throat.

Goddess Parvati is at the back of my head and is opening the door to the back of my head.

Significance of these messages for me.

I have not been to the temple to offer the milk to the lingam and seek blessings for quite some time due to all that is going on.

In the past whenever I went, I would phone my sister and she would ask me to offer milk on her behalf as well.

My sister transitioned to the spirit world in March 2021.

To me, this meant that these were messages from her and Shiva and the goddess as it is the time of Navratri.

So, I went to the temple and took some milk for me and some for my sister, (I guess I am her hands now as she can’t physically be here).

I offered the milk to the Shiv lingam and asked for blessings for me and my sister Mina.

Sisters forever.

Messages from the other side come in many forms. But are we in tune?

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