Feeling Stuck

I have felt stuck for a very long time, I have felt stuck around my middle, just under the ribs and the upper abdominal region. Yes! it is the weight that I have gained around my middle that keeps me stuck, or is it?

Self-inquiry is an amazing tool. Am I eating the wrong kinds of food? Maybe, but not always, I eat healthy for most parts, I allow myself some treats.

Am I not exercising enough? What is enough? I cycle and I walk, my preferred things to do. Yet the middle is not giving way.

So, I am thinking am I carrying the weight of the world around the middle part of my body? I know it’s usually on the shoulders for most people.

But, hey it’s me, I am unique, I like to be different. I tell myself, that you are doing all the right stuff, the mindful eating and exercise. Why not look at my vibration, my energy? Is it in alignment with what I want?

Am I spiritually aligned with my thoughts and feelings? What does my body need in order to be pain free and grow thin?

I have been doing some high-level vibrational work, to identify thought patterns and beliefs; that have made me feel like, I needed to be ugly on the inside to feel secure, that I needed to shrink myself small, so that I was not seen and I could hide behind the fat persona, to feel safe.

Where did all this stuff come from? Could it be the energy of past lifetimes? Or the people we come in contact with? Life events which knock us of kilter? All these have a lot to answer for as I am finding out.

I have to love myself first, to release things like; I am invisible, I am not worthy. I realise that my soul has a purpose and in order to align with it, I am going to have to show up, I have to face my fears and I am choosing to be imperfect.

I am doing soul level healing that aids me to heal my physical, emotional, and spiritual discomforts; to release all that is not in alignment with my soul to manifest the best of me in this lifetime.

What is causing you to get stuck? Are you ready to go beyond that point of being stuck? Your present reality is the result of your present vibration. Change your vibration and you can change your life.

I am a Soul therapist, intuitive energy healer, soul/ spiritual alignment coach. www.stanmorehealthseentials.com

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