There are many illusionists.

All around us, illusions are created everywhere. Can we see them?

Are we able to see them?

We are invested in these illusions; we are not even aware that we are amidst the illusionist.

They talk sweet, and they know what to say.

What to do, and lure us in, playing on our:

· Vulnerabilities,

· Anxieties,

· Insecurities,

· Fears.

What do these illusions cost us?

We get caught up in a web of lies and fears.

We stop thinking for ourselves because we have given our power away.

We see one thing. The illusionists convince you it’s the other, so you start to believe what they say and undermine your abilities to think for yourself.

What if we were to step through the illusion and give ourselves some space?

We can tune into our conscious awareness, our higher vibration.

Amongst us, some see through the illusions.

We are called on to be courageous and step into our power. You may be scared, and we are being called on to do something that we may not have done before.

Step through the illusion state and into your own space.

There is magic, freedom, and the choice to be you.

Choose to be you, the beautiful soul that you are.

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