Inner Child/ Soul Book/ Ancestral Healing

To be able to go into the past and heal my inner child. Well, that is just amazing.

To heal her situation and bring her into the present timeline is priceless.

With her comes humor, fearlessness, and the power to survive anything that anyone throws at her into my present.

A few weeks ago, my spirit team guided me to put together a black and white photo of my family who passed, my dad, mum, brother, and sister.

Apart from doing the inner child healing, I was to do some ancestral healing of the family bloodline for my sister and brothers.

Commander Ashtar one of my guides whom I work with, guided me to different timelines to do some soul healing for my family. To be able to heal me as well as my ancestors, what more can one ask.

I know now why I needed to put together a black and white photo of my team in spirit.

We did not celebrate Diwali this year as my sister transitioned to the other side.

But she and my team have helped me awaken these gifts within. I can get peace from healing myself and peace for them through healing their souls.

As the saying goes, they are never too far away. If only you listen.

Going into the Soul book or the Book of Life / Akashic records, I was able to do healing and affect changes.

I have noticed subtle changes within family situations that would otherwise not have been possible.

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