Light and Dark- Finding the Balance

Going into the heart and sitting in your power. To look into the dark and finding the light.

Breathing down into the Earth, dark and dingy, yet grounding and stabilizing, going through many layers, the heavy and the dense, becoming more connected with the grass, the soil the bedrock down down down further down into the molten core, deep through the white heat and the orange glow diving deeper into the rivers of molten core connecting with the diamond white 5th dimension crystalline light.

Breathing in the crystalline white light, through the 12, 5th dimension chakras, starting with the Earth star below your feet and reaching the Soul star and the Stella gateway, reaching the lofty heights of the golden light.

Dealing with all the crap that erupts in between, the fears, the controlling nature of the others whom we have given our power (I am not sayings its easy- far from it), the misery, the broken relationships, dealing with the letting go of the friendships created so long ago, how do you deal with saying “No” and standing in your power?

Going through the dark night of the soul, the aches and pains, death of loved ones and losing the people closest to you, healing the past life/ lives trauma, healing the ancestral bloodline, so your children do not have to clear it (of course you have a choice not to, but then you know they will have to, just as we are having to because our ancestors could not or would not), we all have a choice. How are you supposed to work with all this?

Finding the light and becoming the beacon for others, is frightening, fears of not being good enough, or what will others say/ think surface, going through the mood s of highs and lows, becoming overwhelmed. Being the light is not easy either.

Going through these experiences and surrendering to the soul within, standing at the gateway between the dark and the light, finding the balance and peace. There is no light without the dark and no dark without the light.

Just being able to recognize where you are at and finding the balance is the key.

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