The Final Wish

28th November 2021

It is from the 5 elements that the human body is formed, Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Space.

The soul is eternal, but in each incarnation, it needs a physical form.

To carry out the soul contract agreed upon before birth on the earth.

When the soul has achieved all that it needs in this lifetime, it discards the physical form, a death occurs, the separation of the soul from the physical body.

In Hinduism, we cremate our loved ones who have passed, and the ashes are returned to the earth and its sacred rivers.

On this, the ashes of the Mina Patel, daughter /wife /sister/ mother /grandmother/masi, and foi were returned to mother earth.

At a time that is hard and made harder by physical loss.

I am forever grateful to the 3-brave soul, brother-in-law, and nephews for carrying out my sister's final wishes.

To be laid to rest with our parents.

A final wish was fulfilled. The final rest.

A cycle completed in this incarnation.

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