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Reiki is a holistic therapy and a wonderful system of healing that helps us progress on all 3 levels – physical, mental and spiritual. I love the treatment sessions and I find clients feel massively empowered after which is key!


Clients come for many reasons some if which are:

• Stress and Anxiety – this seems really big, especially in London
• To take their lives to the next level – career, family, success!
• Specific physical symptoms such as pain relief and insomnia
• Getting a clearer vision of what they want in life
• Wanting a deeper sense of self-acceptance and self-love
• Deepening their relationships and finding love
• Wanting to get back in the flow of their lives and really start hitting the notes again
• Increased sense of well-being and joy which I love!

Reiki Chakra's Shilpa Patel

Why has healing become so popular?

Life is fast-paced and reiki  gives you the time and space needed to feel calm and centred.

Sessions are an hour and we’ll use this time to give you the space needed to deeply relax and let go in the most positive way. 

Deeper sense of inner peace,

The levels of stress and anxiety naturally begin to drop.  

Balance your inner and outer environments so that you live a full and happy life.

The more we take care of our physical, spiritual and emotional health, often the more we find our lives moving forward in the ways we most want.

When we start living from a place of balance and connection.  We start to realise that life doesn’t have to be a constant struggle and with the right mindset, beliefs and a positive outlook everything we do, feel and experience can change up for the better.

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