Samskara, Soul Book Editing

In Indian philosophy, every action, intent or an emotion leaves a Samskara (impression, impact, imprint) in the deeper structure of the person's mind. Your personal samskaras, built up from memories of the past, force you to react in the same limited way over and over again, robbing you of free choice.

In simple terms, these are the emotional imprints from actions in this or previous life times and they are stored in our subtle body.

We, the spirit souls, have come into different bodies and in different life times, in which we take actions. For every action we take, from loving to fighting to desiring, an emotional imprint is left on our subtle body.

All these imprints drain our energy and show up as illnesses in our body which are often chronic.


Areas of life that maybe affected are

  •  Repeating patterns.

  • Over looked for promotion,

  • Toxic relationships.

  • Chronic pain.

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Unable to escape their toxic memories, people adapt to them, adding one layer after another of impressions

We are not consciously aware of these past life actions and imprints but we can certainly ascertain them by observing our body, its current state of health and any chronic illnesses and the effect that memories have on peoples suffering, happiness and contentment.

So if you are ready to

  • Improve your health...

  • Have more energy flow...

  • Less chance of chronical illness.

  • Leave that toxic relationship.

  • Get a better job

  • And deal with those beliefs that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck

Soul book editing can remove these imprints by deleting imprints that prevent you from living your life to its fullest potential.

In the Soul book, the negative emotions/ imprints are replaced with those which are congruent at the time with your soul and therefore improve the flow of energy in our body and improve our current state of health.

Are you ready to get UNSTUCK, get more clarity?

Soul Book Editing and Life Purpose Coaching, are the easiest and fastest ways to get rid of blockages which are holding you back, so that you can get more of what supports you, with massive breakthroughs!


45 Minutes for £111.00

Los Angeles, California Oct 19 2019


Written testimonial: "Shilpa is an amazing intuitive who I whole-hearted trust with having my best interests at heart. I felt how much she cared about me getting the most out of our session all throughout it. Not only did she discuss the three questions I had and make the corresponding edits to my soul book, but whenever something else came up, she would also bring that to my attention and discuss that with me. I had a particularly stubborn belief about speaking my truth and talking about all the spiritual things I'm doing with my friends and family, the majority of whom are not into this sort of thing. A few hours later, I talked to my parents and noticed there wasn't the usual resistance and fear of judgment. I simply let out whatever wanted to come out and my energy did not contract in shame like usual. A similar thing happened with a long distant friend in Australia. When I was solid in my beliefs, that energy also rubbed off on them. Thank you Shilpa! I'm am beyond grateful and excited for what the future holds. Coming at the things that aren't serving me from a higher perspective rather than a lower one where I'm consciously doing the intense inner work of trying to drill it into my system is a lot more enjoyable. If you're reading this testimonial now, do yourself (and your Higher Self) the favour and get at least one Soul Book Editing session with her" Jessica Kam -        

Dawn Marie Sipos Crosley Lifting Spirits Integrated Therapies Owner-Operator ·Oregon USA NOV 1, 2019


Thank you Shilpa for an Amazing Soul Book reading today. I have had questions and felt stuck in a few areas of my life and today you blew me away! You took my questions and not only helped me receive clarity, but gave me immediate physical improvements. My chest became lighter, I could breathe easier, energy flowed throughout my body, and a happiness came that had me smiling the rest of the day. I am so excited for my future and what awaits. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You are a true Blessing to all you come in contact with. I have already talked to a friend about you and she is excited. I will be referring you to Many who can benefit from your insight.

Valerie Banister Oct 14th 2019- London UK

Mission : To really listen to the client and provide exceptional inner insights into the root causes of their health issues.

Vision: To make a difference in the world by promoting greater health and well being. I help people to reach their goals to heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, by providing transformation and healing in alignment with their soul