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Samskara, Soul Book Editing /    Akashic Records

Session Length - 60 Minutes

Soul Book Healing , Stanmore Health Essentials

In Indian philosophy, every action, intent, and emotion leaves a Samskara (impression, impact, imprint) in the deeper structure of the person's mind. Your samskaras, built up from memories of the past, force you to react in the same limited way repeatedly, robbing you of free choice.

In simple terms, these are the emotional imprints from actions in this or previous lifetimes and they are stored in our subtle bodies.

We, the spirit souls, have come into different bodies and at different lifetimes, in which we take actions. For every action we take, from loving to fighting to desiring, an emotional imprint is left on our subtle body.

All these imprints drain our energy and show up as illnesses in our bodies which are often chronic.


Areas of life that may be affected are

  •  Repeating patterns.

  • Overlooked for promotion,

  • Toxic relationships.

  • Chronic pain.

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Unable to escape their toxic memories, people adapt to them, adding one layer after another of impressions

We are not consciously aware of these past life actions and imprints but we can certainly ascertain them by observing our body, its current state of health and any chronic illnesses, and the effect that memories have on peoples suffering, happiness, and contentment.

So, if you are ready to

  • Improve your health...

  • Have more energy flow...

  • Less chance of chronic illness.

  • Leave that toxic relationship.

  • Get a better job

  • And deal with those beliefs that have been holding you back and keeping you stuck

Soul book editing can remove these imprints by deleting imprints that prevent you from living your life to its fullest potential.

In the Soul book, the negative emotions/ imprints are replaced with those which are congruent at the time with your soul and therefore improve the flow of energy in your body and improve your current state of health.

Are you ready to get UNSTUCK, and get more clarity?

Soul Book Editing and Life Purpose Coaching are the easiest and fastest ways to get rid of blockages that are holding you back, so that you can get more of what supports you, with massive breakthroughs!

Soul Book Healing , Stanmore Health Essentials
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