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Does chronic pain, anxiety, reflux, stress and trauma hold you back from living the life of your dreams?

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Extreme discomfort to regaining control over body- Anna's Story

“I never thought I'd find relief from the relentless struggle of dystonia”

Said Anna when she finished working with me

During our online sessions, I observed Anna was constantly looking upward, unable to control her body's movements. 

This condition affected every part of her life, making her dependent on her family for basic tasks. 

Simple actions were monumental for her.

She has been suffering for 10 years, Anna needed 8x3 monthly Botox injections in the neck and face.

Just after the first session, Anna experienced massive improvements in her condition.

And as we progressed we worked on healing her body with specific muscle exercises 

we healed her emotions and worked on beliefs that were stopping her from getting the results. 

Halfway through our programme the constant upward gaze eased, and she regained control over her body. 

As a result, Anna became more independent, confident, and capable. 

When Anna finished working with me I am happy to report that she is able to go shopping by herself, she can look at people in the face now and the Botox injections have been reduced from 8 to 2 


I am so proud and happy to see Anna now inspiring others with dystonia.

testimonial from Patient


Overcoming eye pressure and avoided surgery- Geeta's Story

“If the pressure in my eyes doesn’t reduce I’m going to have to go for surgery. It is 40+mmHg and it has to be 20 to avoid surgery” 

Geeta expressed her worry when she came to me.

She faced the daunting prospect of surgery for uveitis and glaucoma yet again.

She felt that emotionally she would not cope with the aftercare of surgery.

She reached out to me to see if I could help her.

She jumped in my HOLISTIC HEALING Programme and within weeks, Geeta’s eye pressure, once dangerously high, began to stabilize.

We worked with how she was feeling and we neutralised her beliefs and fears regarding surgery and aftercare. 

When she went for her pre-op check the pressure had dropped below 20mmHg. 

Geeta was excited and relieved that her surgery was canceled and she was discharged to an outpatient appointment

testimonial from Patient
Beyond surgery: Overcoming sciatica and herniation- Marc's Story

“I am in excruciating pain and I have tried everything”,  said Marc.

“You are my last hope”

Marc was in terrible pain from sciatica and a herniated disc in his lower back. He was waiting for an appointment for the Surgery.

Medications didn't help much, and physiotherapy wasn't working. Even acupuncture didn't give any relief.

His Mum had to help him get to my clinic. His day-to-day life was a struggle.

Within the first month of working with me, Marc’s intense pain started to decrease.

We managed to wean him off the strong painkillers, for which he was happy as he worried he might get addicted to them

Marc’s transformation was incredible. 

Marc was back to work. He was back to doing his sports.

His surgery was canceled.

He was able to get back to work with ease and without worry.

testimonial from Patient


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