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A Healing story; Glaucoma and Uveitis

Shamanic Reflexology story

I treated a client for Glaucoma and recent flare up of Uveitis where her eye pressures reached 40+. She was due to have an operation 9th April 2021 to release the pressure. After questioning the client going back 6 months, we discovered that she had had a really bad head cold, sinus infection, I felt there was a major element of this reflecting in her present symptoms. My client also reported she had a stuck feeing in the left eye, I found myself intuitively drawn to using Shamanic healing to resolve this. We talked how she felt about the operation, this brought up a lot of fears, as she had previously had the same operation in her right eye and it brought up unpleasant memories, we worked on how to tap for the emotions that were coming up.

My client had her pre op-check up and she asked the nurse to check her eye pressure and found that it had gone down to 20, she has been discharged to the out patients department, operation not needed. After 8 sessions -client feedback

Glaucoma and Uveitis Hi I wanted to highly recommend Shilpa Patel for her reflexology treatment. I have suffered from glaucoma for several years and recently had a flare up of uveitis where my eye pressures reached 40+. I was due to have an operation today to release the pressure but before I went ahead, I decided to explore alternative therapy and spiritual healing as a last resort. After 8 sessions with Shilpa, I can’t quite believe the difference it’s made. My eye pressures have gone down below 20 and I no longer have to have the operation. I’m over the moon and I can’t thank Shilpa enough! I’m so glad I considered this option before going ahead with the surgery and would highly recommend it to anyone experiencing anything similar.


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